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6 month's & no change.

2015-10-26 02:58:46 by Lazarus115

It's been six month's since I've posted an update, Kyo vs. Bison stopped production sometime after I posted my last update. I lost motivation to be honest, just life & work drained me, I recently had my HDD go bad with all my stuff on there, luckily I made a backup of my stuff in 2014, so that's something to say the least. I've had many ideas to go about with this project but so far haven't had that spark to go forth. Will this project see the day of light? Maybe who know's but for now I shall just follow the path that the Universe has set forth for me & follow through. Peace & Love to all.


Kyo VS. Bison Start.

2015-04-17 04:48:49 by Lazarus115

4411212_142926041123_Screenshot31.pngKyo vs. Bison has begun production, I have a story layed out that I kinda wanna follow up with. Pretty much this will serve as a sequel to Rugal vs. Bison with a little story included, release date for this maybe June or July we shall see.

Slight Delay

2015-04-10 12:01:28 by Lazarus115

Rugal VS. Bison has been slightly delayed, the swf file is a tad too big for newgrounds, I'm not good with compression to make the file smaller, so a friend is helping. Release date is now set for Tuesday, maybe sooner.


Bison VS. Rugal 100%

2015-04-01 05:34:29 by Lazarus115

A project that I 've been working on for quite sometime is finally nearing it's completion, I plan to have this released by April 10, that is the deadline I've set for myself.



2015-01-13 15:29:38 by Lazarus115

Got invited to a collab for the first time, excited to contribute my part hehe, also have one big project in the works at 50%, so that will be done soon last year was a dreadful one but I will try to put out alot more content soon.